Beautiful location in the heart of Denmark

Marina Fredericia

Beautiful location in the heart of Denmark
Marina Fredericia has an incredible location; for both sailing and onshore attractions. The marina is located right beside the main coastal road as you arrive from Funen or on the way to or from Germany.

Your experience of Marina Fredericia begins on your approach from the sea. The beautiful beech forest, hilly landscape and the Little Belt Bridge make it one of the most scenic approaches in Denmark. Thanks to its location in the very heart of Denmark, Marina Fredericia has much to offer due to its surrounding area and because of its easy access from motorways and highways. Its position on the shores of the Little Belt makes for a great environment for sailing. You will always be able to find sheltered waters and weather that is conducive to trouble-free sailing. 

Beaches and areas of nature
The marina has a scenic location with nature as its backdrop, yet is close to where everything is happening. Just 25 metres from the harbour you will find Erritsøhus Beach, which is good quality and great for families. Also nearby is Hannerup Forrest, which is a large area of nature with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. There are signposted hiking and running trails and a long mountain bike trail.

Shopping and town life
Close to the marina you will find many shops, with plenty to choose from. Fredericia town centre is just a few kilometres away from the harbour. Explore the many shops Fredericia has to offer and enjoy the many cosy restaurants and cafés. Erritsø shopping centre is about 1.5 km away, in the opposite direction. Here, you will find various supermarkets and a bakery, etc. There is a direct bus from the marina. Bicycles are also available for hire for trips into town or to Erritsø shopping centre. 

Telephone and opening hours

Monday - Friday 12:30 - 14:00

Saturday 10:00 - 12:00

Telephone: (+45) 7921 5069


Address: Jesper Banksvej 18, 7000 Fredericia

Coordinates: 55°33,2’N - 9°43,8’E